Better Data, Better Results

Our platform provides our clients with a competitive advantage because better data means better results! Our platform starts with the same publicly available data, just like any other of the major Wall Street platforms, but we systematically adjust for material accounting distortions to provide a better picture of the true economics of the firm.


• Take a deep dive on any stock
• 20 years of financial statements
• Robust proprietary valuation and metrics
• Scenario analysis


• 20,000 companies in North America
• Proprietary metrics
• Traditional variables
• Multiple time frames


• Track all portfolios and watchlists
• Alerts buy and an sell signals
• Monitor performance
• Track themes
• Track sectors


QuickVALUATION Level 1

  • Getting data
  • Interpreting CFIRR and Capital Growth
  • Understanding the valuation breakdown
  • Understand scenarios and valuation
  • Back tests

QuickVALUATION Level 2

  • Reverse engineering
  • What to look for
  • Turn our black box into a clear box
  • Dive into financial statements
  • Dive into calculations

QuickSCREEN Level 1

  • Navigation
  • Load pre-made screens
  • Exporting data to Excel
  • Learn data categories
  • Understand screening vs. displaying
  • Build and save you own screen

QuickSCREEN Level 2

  • Learn the data structure
  • Learn the difference between growth and change
  • Learn how to get data from multiple time frames
  • Build complex screens
  • Get bulk data for research

QuickPORTFOLIO 1 of 3

Big Data Visualization

  • Why is QuickPORTFOLIO so useful?
  • Making big data come to life
  • Making big data consumable and actionable

QuickPORTFOLIO 2 of 3

Portfolio Management

  • Day to day uses
  • Discovering trends
  • Discovering opportunities
  • Uncovering stock ideas

QuickPORTFOLIO 3 of 3

Mechanics and Training

  • Design new portfolios
  • Enter new stocks
  • Refresh data
  • Sorting, Filtering and Searching
  • Notifications