CFIRR is Better Signal Than ROE or ROIC

Back-testing of CFIRR over the past six years, period ending April 7, 2022 showed companies with the highest CFIRR produced the highest stock market returns, with the lowest volatility, and the lowest churn as expected. CFIRR was a better indicator than ROE and ROIC. This was a very interesting period to examine as it included … Continue reading CFIRR is Better Signal Than ROE or ROIC

Why You Should Add Back Accumulated Depreciation

why-you-should-add-back-accumulated-depreciation-1Download We made an extraordinary claim that Wall Street has been using a flawed ROA metric for over a century. The ROA metric which includes the accumulated depreciation distorts the true return on capital and economics of the business because it does not use the original amount money invested in the business.  Investors recognize that … Continue reading Why You Should Add Back Accumulated Depreciation

Peloton Down Another 23%

Peloton will temporarily halt production of its bikes and treadmills due to sluggish consumer demand. Shares were down another 23% which makes it 85% from its 52 week high. We have been recommending Peloton - PTON as a short since before its 52 week high. It took some time but ultimately we got this one … Continue reading Peloton Down Another 23%

Semiconductor Equipment Makers Rise

Semiconductor equipment makers rise on a tough NASDAQ tape, thanks to the continuing shortage of chips and increased CAPEX in the industry. In our model portfolios we own Ultra Clean – UCTT.NAS and Kla Corporation – KLAC. NAS and we recommend all of the stock below. From Investors Business Daily Taiwan Semi Tops Q4 Targets … Continue reading Semiconductor Equipment Makers Rise

First Quantum Rises to Start Off 2022

Market Cap: $19.5B USD From the Q3 Report: On track to achieve 2021 copper production of 800,000-835,000 tonnes at C1 costs $1.25-1.35 per lb; AISC $1.80-1.95 per lb Total comparative EBITDA of $886 million was 38% higher than Q3 202033% increase in the realized copper price FSA Data: CFIRR improved to 6.4% in trailing four … Continue reading First Quantum Rises to Start Off 2022

QuickPORTFOLIO: Big Data Visually Consumable

Big data is changing the world, allowing companies like ours to build new and exciting products for our clients. While we love data, it can be cumbersome to consume so we wanted to re-designed QuickPORTFOLIO a strong emphasis on visualization and usability.

Moderna is Up 20% on Variant News But There is More to the Story Moderna – MRNA.NAS was up 27% at the time of writing this thanks to concerns that a new variant originating in South Africa could cause more havoc.Before today’s news Moderna’s shares were down significantly since they released Q3 when concerns about the sustainability of revenue from covid19 vaccines waned.  Although not without issues, wealthy … Continue reading Moderna is Up 20% on Variant News But There is More to the Story

Buy Best Buy on 15% Drop Best Buy dropped over 15% after releasing Q3 earnings. We are more inclined to buy more than use move as a sell signal. The quarter was good but let us talk about the bad news first. Firstly, same store sales were only up 2% which was a little light in our opinion. While Best … Continue reading Buy Best Buy on 15% Drop

Nvidia Powering the Metaverse

Nvidia Powering the MetaverseDownload Nvidia had yet another great quarter, taking the stock up near 10% at the time of writing. The overall stock returns of Nvidia have been incredible. Nvidia is a leader in gaming, data centers, crypto mining, artificial intelligence, and autonomous driving. Q3 revenue was up 50%, with data center revenue up 55%, and … Continue reading Nvidia Powering the Metaverse