Nvidia Powering the Metaverse

Nvidia had yet another great quarter, taking the stock up near 10% at the time of writing.
The overall stock returns of Nvidia have been incredible.

Nvidia is a leader in gaming, data centers, crypto mining, artificial intelligence, and autonomous driving. Q3 revenue was up 50%, with data center revenue up 55%, and gaming revenue up 42%. Even with all the good news in gaming, data center, and crypto mining, the best may yet be to come thanks to Nvidia’s artificial intelligence platform that builds everything from the chips to supercomputers and the software that customers use to produce their own AI platforms.

Last 20 Trading day up 46%

3 Months up up 64%

6 Months up 125%

1 Year up 138%

3 Year CAGR up 98%

5 Year CAGR up 69%

We have seen a major shift in the last few from speculative names like PTON, ZM, etc. back to high return on capital names like NVDA, QCOM, MSFT, all names we own.  

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