QuickPORTFOLIO: Big Data Visually Consumable

Big data is changing the world, allowing companies like ours to build new and exciting products for our clients. While we love data, it can be cumbersome to consume so we wanted to re-designed QuickPORTFOLIO a strong emphasis on visualization and usability.

We present to you the new and improved QuickPORTFOLIO.

Today we take a big leap in capabilities with a new release of QuickPORTFOLIO focusing on Big Data Visualization. We have always had great data, but today with this release of QuickPORTFOLIO our data has become more visual, and consumable making insights come alive!

QuickPORTFOLIO 1 of 3

Big Data Visualization

  • Why is QuickPORTFOLIO so useful?
  • Making big data come to life
  • Making big data consumable and actionable

QuickPORTFOLIO 2 of 3

Portfolio Management

  • Day to day uses
  • Discovering trends
  • Discovering opportunities
  • Uncovering stock ideas

QuickPORTFOLIO 3 of 3

Mechanics and Training

  • Design new portfolios
  • Enter new stocks
  • Refresh data
  • Sorting, Filtering and Searching
  • Notifications

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